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Daylilies bloom from early spring until frost, depending on the coldness of the climate. To indicate when a particular cultivar blooms during the season, daylily growers use the following terms and abbreviations (or symbols):

  • Extra Early (EE) – These daylilies are the first to bloom, and vary from March or April in the extreme South, to May or June in the North.
  • Early (E) – These daylilies bloom three to five weeks prior to the mass of bloom at midseason.
  • Early Midseason (EM) – These daylilies bloom one to three weeks before the height of bloom of most cultivars.
  • Midseason (M) – These daylilies bloom at the peak of the daylily bloom in your own garden. This ranges from May in the South to July in the North.
  • Late Midseason (LM) – These daylilies bloom one to three weeks after the height or peak of bloom in your garden.
  • Late (L) – These daylilies bloom when most others have finished blooming, usually four to six weeks after the peak of the season.
  • Very Late (VL) – These daylilies are the last to bloom, often late in the summer in the South, fall in the North.