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Basic Flower Colors (From the American Hemerocalis Society website.)

The outer portion of the daylily flower is considered to be the basic color of the flower. The present daylily color range includes:

  • Yellow – all shades from the palest lemon, through bright yellow and gold, to orange. (Note: We choose to separate out the color "Orange" into a different category.)
  • Red – diverse shades of scarlet, carmine, tomato-red, maroon, wine-reds, and blackish-reds.
  • Pink – from pale pink through rose-pink to rose-red.
  • Purple – from pale lavender and lilac to deep grape or violet.
  • Melon or Cream-Pink – from palest cream shades to deep cantaloupe shades. (Note: We call this category "Other".)

Notes: Buff, Brown, Apricot, and Peach are thought to be variations of pink plus yellow. Near-whites are found among the palest tints of yellow, pink, lavender, or melon.